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What's the Kikkor? (Blog)

Golf Halloween Costume Ideas

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Looking for some golf Halloween costume ideas? We have you covered. Here are our top 5.

1. Ryder Cup Captain, Tom Watson
Frankly, the regular Tom Watson is just boring. Ryder Cup Captain, Tom Watson? Now we're talking. Keys to this look: 5 or more lanyards, ear pieces, wires, puffy white jacket, and yelling “you stink” to your best friends throughout the night.

2. Course Architect, Tiger Woods
The regular Tiger Woods is ok, but he's no match for the course architect Tiger. Keys: light blue, 28” waist jeans cinched with white belt, with the baggiest pant legs imaginable. Throw in some old school all-white sneakers, along with a form fitting polo (Nike of course), with some sporty shades, and you’re golden. Bonus for a topographical map in pocket, $100,000 Tag Heuer watch the size of your fist, and if you have a special somebody, a co-partner dressed as Lindsey Vonn.

Special note: If you throw in a cigar, you magically turn into Michael Jordan.

3. Happy Gilmore
The keys to this look: Bruins jersey with Tigeresque baggie blue sweat pants. Look rough. Go to your party with a hockey stick or golf club in hand, or better yet, a limited edition Odyssey hockey stick putter. Just feel the flow…work it, work it.

4. Chubbs
Keeping in line with the Happy Gilmore theme, we’d be regretful if we didn't recommend the late (It was 1996, but still) Chubbs. Obvious keys to this outfit include a flowing yellow cardigan, yellow newsboy hat, and of course, a right, wooden, prosthetic arm at least 6” longer than your left arm. Tell everybody, "You're actin' like a damn fool!"

5. Miguel Angel Jimenez, formally known as The Mechanic
The most interesting golfer in the world. Of course you want to be him! Find the wig, the cigar, and you’re set…but don’t forget to stretch before, during, and after the party.

Honorable Mentions

Masters Caddie (unisex option)

Old Tom Morris

Danny Noonan

Al Czervik

Carl Spackler

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